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ITSC 2020 Awards Breakfast Cancelled. 

2019 Judging Continuing

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police has postponed their Police ad Security Expo until November 17 & 18th 2020. As a consequence of this date change, there will be no Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge Awards Breakfast held during the event.  Judging of entries for this year’s competition will continue per the current schedule.  Winners will be notified and recognized as publicly as possible in a local setting by the ILACP.  


Illinois Speed Awareness Day Cancelled 

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police have cancelled their July Speed Awareness Day Campaign for 2020.  At this time no alternative date has been scheduled.  While there will not be a specific campaign date in July we encourage all law enforcement agencies to pay special attention to speed enforcement as the State opens up and more people start driving again.

ITSC Judging

ITSC application judging is currently going on and will be completed sometime in mid July with winner announcements to follow.  Please contact Program Director Scott Kristiansen at 847 456-2293 or if you have any questions.

New Snare the Drug Impaired Driver Newsletter

Illinois State Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) Jen Cifaldi has shared a copy of the Snare the Drug Impaired Driver newsletter from our friends in Minnesota. There are some very interesting articles about cannabis-induced psychosis, impaired driving and how cannabis affects driving skills even when not "intoxicated" and benzos.  Jen provides a wealth of knowledge  on a variety of traffic safety related topics.  If you are interested in getting on her email list contact her at or 217-257-5050.

Click her for the Snare the Drug Impaired Driver Newsletter.

New IACP Traffic Safety Resources

The IACP recently launched new traffic safety resources for the field. IACP has created a Distracted Driving Toolkit that provides law enforcement, chief executives, command staff, first-line supervisors and patrol officers with effective strategies to improve distracted driving education and enforcement in their communities, along with tactics to help them reduce officer distraction in patrol vehicles.

The toolkit includes a number of resources, including distracted driving infographics, a report on promising practices for public education, enforcement and officer safety, templates for a press release and much more.

The IACP also launched a Traffic Safety Resource Guide to help law enforcement officers address traffic safety education and enforcement, as well as share research and best practices. The guide provides promising practices to support leaders in responding to traffic safety issues they are encountering in their communities.

To learn more or request a copy of these resources, contact the IACP’s Traffic Safety Initiatives Team click on 


Please remember to submit your 2019 Looking Beyond the Seat Belt and /or Illinois Highway Safety Leadership Award applications by 5/1/20.  Applications can be found in the column to the left.

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2018 Traffic Safety Challenge

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The Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge (ITSC) is a friendly competition between similar size and type of law enforcement agencies. It is a program coordinated by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) Traffic Committee and supported by a NHTSA grant administered through the Illinois Department of Transportation, Bureau of Safety Programs and Engineering (BSPE), as well as much-appreciated funding from private entities.


The Challenge is much more than a peer competition. It is a template for law enforcement agencies to identify traffic issues, plan strategies, reduce social harm and improve the quality of life in their communities. The Challenge helps agencies demonstrate successes to their government officials, community leaders and citizens. The Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge provides law enforcement agencies with an opportunity to contribute to the Illinois' Strategic Highway Safety Plan and have a significant impact on the reduction of crashes, deaths and associated injuries across the state.

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