The Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge (ITSC) is a friendly competition between similar size and type of law enforcement agencies. It is a program coordinated by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) Traffic Committee and supported by a NHTSA grant administered through the Illinois Department of Transportation, Bureau of Safety Programs and Engineering (BSPE), as well as much-appreciated funding from private entities.


The Challenge is much more than a peer competition. It is a template for law enforcement agencies to identify traffic issues, plan strategies, reduce social harm and improve the quality of life in their communities. The Challenge helps agencies demonstrate successes to their government officials, community leaders and citizens. The Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge provides law enforcement agencies with an opportunity to contribute to the Illinois' Strategic Highway Safety Plan and have a significant impact on the reduction of crashes, deaths and associated injuries across the state.

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Latest Traffic Case Law Update- May 2021

Here is the latest edition of the Illinois Traffic Laws and Courts publication from ISBA.  The Sokolowski case takeaway is that even though the Administrative Code does not require an officer to check the mouth of the arrestee prior to the breath test, it is STRONGLY recommended. Click here to view.

Free Training "DRE A to Z" 

Free informational presentation at the Effingham Police Department on the DRE program and how it can enhance an agency's impaired driving enforcement and investigative efforts.

This program will bring an understanding of how to better use both Drug Recognition Experts as well as Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement “ARIDE” trained officers.

Training Announcement:   Click here

To Register:  Click here

Any questions can be directed to Dan Stafiej at

2020/21 Application Judging

 2020/21 application judging is currently being done.  Winning agencies can expect to be notified by the end of May.





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